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On 23 May 17, members of WINNIPEG, in support of its mission, set out to establish Community Relations (COMREL) in Colombo, Sri Lanka, with the Courage, Compassion, and Commitment (CCC) Foundation.

CCC Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization that was founded in 2003 by Jetha Devapura, a Sri Lankan born Australian. After recognizing a desperate need among a community of children battling cancer in Sri Lanka, Jetha, along with a team of dedicated CCC volunteers both in Sri Lanka and Australia, raised funds to build the CCC house. The CCC house can be compared to Canada’s Ronald MacDonald house. It is the largest transition home in Sri Lanka with 194 beds that serves as a home away from home for outpatients and their caregivers.
… To celebrate the great work of the CCC foundation, members of WINNIPEG collaborated with Boomer’s Legacy to provide a donation of $5000. The donation will be used for much needed renovations to further improve the lives of children and adults fighting cancer.

But that was not all. As important as monetary donations are, in the spirit of Cpl Andrew “Boomer” Eykelenboom (the solider killed in Afghanistan whom Boomer’s Legacy is named after) WINNIPEG wanted to give more to the children. Thirteen members of the ship’s company were eager to spend quality time with the children and their caregivers.

“We had an unforgettable time with the children coloring pictures, playing with playdoh, and teaching them how to make bracelets”, says LS Klarck Montemayor. The playdoh was donated by LS Montemayor, and the bracelets were made with gun line patterned after the lanyards many sailors attach to their knives.

Padre Lt(N) Matthew Squires

Unit Chaplain, HMCS WINNIPEG