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Born from tragedy, with the intent to carry forward Andrew “Boomer” Eykelenboom’s wish to bring smiles back to those who live more challenging lives than many of us Canadians are used to, Boomer’s Legacy has played a significant part in a variety of projects and initiatives that go by unbeknownst to most.

It’s time to shed some light on one of those projects, that directly relates to one of the biggest challenges facing Boomer’s hometown. Homelessness and affordable housing. Habitat for Humanity, a leader in the struggle against this social injustice will be getting approximately $20 000 from the Boomer’s Legacy Fund, and CFB Comox will assist the effort by recruiting military personnel to assist in the upcoming housing developments proposed in the Comox Valley.

I’m truly excited by this positive news.

While we’re on the topic of recognizing good work, below is a picture of the Camp Boomer 2018 Organizing Committee. These are the people who have put in many hours and much effort, to bring you the best inaugural third-party fundraising event in support of Boomer’s Legacy possible. Thanks team.

Maureen Eykelenboom

Friends of Boomer's legacy Vancouver Island

Camp Boomer 2018 happens June 16th!